Miller, Lawler, Gallagher Introduce Resolution Calling for European Nations to Reaffirm Support for Taiwan

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Max Miller (OH-07), U.S. Rep. Mike Lawler (NY-17), Chairman of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher (WI-08), and 26 other members of Congress introduced a resolution this week calling on the heads of European nations to reaffirm their support for Taiwan. This resolution expresses the importance of a unified transatlantic role in deterring the Chinese Communist Party from disrupting peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

The resolution comes after French President Emmanuel Macron recently suggested that Europe ditch the “American rhythm” on Taiwan following his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Western democracies share far more in common with each other than with Communist China. It is astonishing to me that the French president would even suggest siding with a communist nation over a democratic one. Our resolution asks our European friends a simple question: Do you side with Taiwan and democratic values, or with an aggressive communist power that threatens the world order? This is a time for unity, and I believe most Europeans recognize that,” Miller said.

“It is incumbent on all NATO members to strengthen their involvement with democratic partners in the Indo-Pacific to ensure safety and security in the region,” Lawler said. “The CCP’s recent provocative actions towards Taiwan and their neighbors are a reminder that Xi’s desire for expansion can only be checked by US-European cooperation with democratic partners in the region. Recent actions by the French government have had a detrimental impact on presenting a unified front against the CCP and demonstrate why passage of this resolution is so critical.

“As the Chinese Communist Party continues to threaten Taiwan, it’s important that both the United States and Europe present a United Front of our own to counter the CCP’s rising ideological, economic, and military aggression,” Gallagher said. “Ensuring a free and open Indo-Pacific and a secure Taiwan is in the interest of the US, NATO, and all European nations to maintain global peace and stability. The importance of Taiwan’s democracy cannot be overstated, and transatlantic unity is critical to deterring the CCP and preventing conflict.”

This resolution:

  1. Calls on all European heads of state to express support for maintaining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and condemn any use or threat of use of force. 
  2. Urges transatlantic unity on a robust deterrence policy to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. 
  3. Encourages North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies to strengthen their engagement with partners in the Indo-Pacific on approaches to shared global security challenges, including peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific. 
  4. Commends the people of Taiwan for their commitment to democracy, civil liberties, and human rights. 

Joining Miller, Lawler and Gallagher as original co-sponsors of this legislation are Rep. Crenshaw (TX-02), Rep. Reschenthaler (PA-14), Rep. Johnson (OH-06), Rep. Bergman (MI-01), Rep. Zinke (MT-01), Rep. Tenney (NY-24), Rep. Luna (FL-13), Rep. Barr (KY-06) , Rep. Van Drew (NJ-02), Rep. Wilson (SC-02), Rep. Waltz (FL-06), Rep. Mills (FL-07), Rep. Lamborn (CO-05), Rep. Kean (NJ-07), Rep. Mace (SC-01), Rep. Miller-Meeks (IA-01), Rep. Webster (FL-11), Rep. Ellzey (TX-06), Rep. Mast (FL-21), Rep. Wittman (VA-01), Rep. Bilirakis (FL-12), Rep. Carey (OH-15), Rep. Owens (UT-04), Rep. Pfluger (TX-11), Rep. Dunn (Fl-02), Rep. González-Colón (PR-At-Large).

Full Text of the Resolution can be found here.


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