U.S. Congressman Max Miller Demands Protection for American Workers and Buy America Requirements on US Taxpayer Projects 

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Today, Congressman Max Miller (OH-07) debated S.J. Res. 38 on the House floor. The resolution utilizes the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to provide for Congressional disapproval of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) “Waiver of Buy America Requirements for Electric Vehicle Chargers,” to ensure that the Biden Administration’s rush to convert to an electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure network will comply with Buy America requirements and promote domestic products.

Congressman Miller’s remarks can be viewed here:

“I thank the GENTLEMAN for yielding.       

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in strong support of this resolution.

Congress has the power to invalidate this bureaucratic rule that simply put, would once again SELL OUT the greatest strength of the American economy, our AMERICAN WORKERS.

The Build America, Buy America Act was bipartisan legislation that was included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

We must ensure that any infrastructure projects across America use American- MADE and SOURCED products when they are available.

When the government spends American taxpayer money on an infrastructure project, it’s common sense that the materials used in that project should be made in America.

We have the world’s best workers making the best materials we need right here at home.

This administration’s radical push to end consumer choice and force electric vehicles upon us is completely wrong.

When Chinese- or Russian- made products and materials are used instead of those from America, it steals jobs from U.S. workers.

This administration cannot be allowed to enable brutal dictators and thugs on the backs of American Workers.

I urge all my colleagues to oppose this radical rule from the Biden Administration and support the American worker by voting for this resolution. 

Thank you and I yield back.”

Editor’s note regarding the waiver:

On February 21, 2023, FHWA published in the Federal Register a notice providing a waiver for Buy America requirements for EV chargers. The waiver went into effect on March 23, 2023 and contains two phases. The first phase applies to all EV chargers manufactured by July 1, 2024, whose final assembly occurs in the United States and installation started by October 1, 2024. The second phase applies to all EV chargers manufactured on or after July 1, 2024, whose final assembly occurs in the United States, and for which the cost of components manufactured in the United States is at least 55 percent of the cost of all components.

The waiver can be found at 88 FR 10619.

Buy America provisions are laws requiring the Federal Government to purchase goods that are produced or manufactured in the United States and apply to various sectors, including transportation infrastructure. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (P.L. 117-58; IIJA) included additional Buy America provisions and increased applicability to a wider range of infrastructure projects.

Editor’s note regarding Congressman Miller:

Congressman Max Miller represents Ohio’s Seventh District which includes Medina and Wayne counties as well as parts of Cuyahoga and Holmes counties. Miller sits on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology and the House Agriculture Committee. Before joining Congress, Miller spent six years in the Marine Corps Reserves and served in several senior positions for President Donald Trump. Please visit http://maxmiller.house.gov for more information.


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