U.S. Congressman Max Miller’s Statement on the Two-Year Anniversary of Putin’s Unjust Invasion of Ukraine

As we reflect on this solemn occasion of entering the third calendar year of Vladimir Putin’s unjust and brutal invasion of Ukraine, I remain wholeheartedly committed to finding an end to this terror against a friendly country battling a modern-day tyrant.

Make no mistake – this is Ukraine’s war to fight. But America, and most especially European countries who are next in line for Putin’s aggression, must play a role in helping Ukraine win.

Europe needs to step up and do its part, and President Biden must articulate a strategy that clearly defines what America’s role in supporting Ukraine is.

I’ve been a loud voice and champion of pushing for further oversight of Ukraine assistance. We must continue to demand transparency from this administration. History teaches us that sending American dollars without robust oversight and accountability is a recipe for fraud, waste, and abuse. I continue to hear from people in Northeast Ohio that we should help Ukraine win its war by sending military aid. However, we must ensure robust oversight continues.

This Administration’s misguided strategy has unnecessarily prolonged this war and cost innocent lives and billions of dollars. So today, on the second anniversary of the invasion let us acknowledge that must change. The President owes the American people a clear strategy to provide Ukraine what it needs to win its war and preserve its democracy in the face of evil.

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